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Crop circles have fascinated and perplexed people for decades. These intricate and enigmatic geometric patterns found in fields across the world have generated numerous theories about their origin and purpose.

Researching their qualities and means of manifestation has been the main focus of my work unifying SCIENCE and SPIRIT.

My approach to crop circle research is to focus on their connection to electromagnetism, light, sound, water and how that relates to the land they manifest on.

Also their geometry and ratios to learn how these attributes could help create innovative solutions for clean energy & vibrational healing.

-- Visit the HOME page for details on specific formations as well as my SOCIALS
-- Learn more about my clean energy system MuSE, by visiting my PORTFOLIO
-- Try my custom GPTs powered by OpenAI by using the link on the HOME page

All media is used for educational purposes. Crop circle photos and videos may include work from a variety of photographers. Generally landscape images are by: Steve Alexander, Stonehenge Dronescapes, The Hampshire Flyer, Hugh Newman, Lucy Pringle


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