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Electromag and Crop Circles


March 2023


Electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental forces in nature, playing a crucial role in the interaction between charged particles.

It is the force behind electric and magnetic fields, as well as electromagnetic waves such as light, radio, and microwaves.

Crop circles have a long connection to electromagnetism. They exhibit unusual electromagnetic properties, such as elevated levels of radiation, changes in soil electrical conductivity and magnetic and compass anomalies have been experienced within the formations.

Electromagnetism could also be the great connector between scientific theories, such as localized fluctuations in Earth's magnetic field and spiritual concepts like Earth's self-regulating consciousness or interdimensional communication.

The formations are known to manifest in relation to the energetic activities of the Sun, Moon and the Earth. They often arrive during months when cosmic activity is high and they do so on or near Earth's ley lines.

Comparatively, the Earth's magnetic field is influenced by various cosmic and terrestrial factors, including:

• Solar activity: Solar flares and coronal mass ejections release vast amounts of charged particles and electromagnetic radiation, which can interact with and alter Earth's magnetic field.

• Cosmic rays: High-energy particles from deep space can affect Earth's magnetosphere and, consequently, the magnetic field.

• Geomagnetic storms: These disturbances in the magnetosphere are caused by solar wind variations and can temporarily alter Earth's magnetic field.

• Earth's core: The movement of molten iron in Earth's outer core generates the planet's magnetic field through a process known as the geodynamo.

• Crustal anomalies: Variations in Earth's crust, such as mineral deposits or tectonic plate boundaries, can cause localized changes in the magnetic field.

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