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Love & Healing Frequency


December 2022

Love and Om - Tune in to the Healing Frequency - Communication from the Cosmic Web

Crop Circle messages evolved in the 2022 season from pictographic to direct messages written in 8 bit code (ASCII*) and they also referenced Quantum Information (qubits).

Are these vibrational healing codes? Om is a sound directly connected to creation frequency and Love is the highest frequency we can tap into.

It's been said for over 20 years that Crop Circles can provide healing through frequency and 'upgrades' to our DNA.

Spending the year in blockchain technology gave me a fresh perspective of the Cosmic Web.

I envision it like an Electric Network of Mind connecting All as One, functioning like blockchain nodes, with data being transmitted at nodal points on the Earth.

Crop circles are likely 2D projections of compressed data from other dimensions, planets or solar systems.

These two formations were the first that crystalized this concept for me, as they are literal representations of data and refer to 'bits'.

Projection points on Earth could be maps to their source and tell us exactly where the energetic markers are on Earth to send and receive cosmic communication.

*ASCII is a coding system replaced by Unicode ~32 years ago in 1991 - the same year the internet (web) went worldwide - very interesting that there are 32 circles in the Love formation that appeared before we entered the '23 year at the time of its creation.

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