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Electromag and Crop Circles


March 2023


The idea that electromagnetism plays a role in the manifestation of geometric patterns in crop circles relies on a few interconnected concepts, including energy, frequency, vibration, and the Earth's magnetic field.

Cymatics is the study of visible patterns created by sound waves. When sound waves pass through a medium, such as water or a thin layer of particles, they cause the particles to vibrate and arrange themselves into geometric patterns.

These patterns are dependent on the frequency and amplitude of the sound waves. The idea of cymatics provides a possible link between sound frequency and the manifestation of shapes, suggesting that the patterns in crop circles could be created by resonant frequencies acting on the crops.

Earth's magnetic field:
The Earth's magnetic field is a result of the planet's molten iron core and its rotation. It is responsible for protecting the Earth from solar wind and cosmic radiation.

It has been proposed that anomalies in the Earth's magnetic field, such as localized fluctuations, could create patterns in crop circles by affecting the growth or orientation of the plants.

These magnetic anomalies could be the result of natural processes, human activity, or even extraterrestrial influences.

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