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Crop Circles

Science, Quantum Physics


March 2023

What Creates Crop Circles? - SCIENCE

The science of Crop Circles was the first place my research took me.

I clearly saw their beauty and appreciated their spiritual connections, but it was the multiple aspects of science and quantum physics that got me deeply invested in their manifestation.

Many ideas have been proposed for how Crop Circles are created, such as: Electromagnetism and Earth's Magnetic Field, Plasma Vortices and Ball Lightning.

Personally, I am a big proponent of electromagnetism and other things that relate to sound and light.

There is no one singular answer to their reason for manifesting, or a right or wrong one here -- Except that they're all man-made by using boards to flatten crops. That one is ridiculous.

What do you think creates crop circles? What resonates with you?

(SpiritSTEM research is shown below - additional media will be added regularly)

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