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Cosmic Web Network


December 2022


As part of the great Cosmic Web (or as I prefer to call it) the Electric Network of Mind (ENOM), Crop Circles can be looked at as energetic signatures of information, in other words, pictographic data.

What if-- crop circles are a pictographic way to represent data - the energetic signature (2D shadow) of information that has been recorded over time?

What if-- they are messages, or blueprints not only sent to us on Earth, but functioning more like blockchain for every member of the cosmic web to view transparently - and like blockchain are immutable & unalterable?

What if-- nodes upon the Earth (which are known to denote energetic upwellings) function cosmically like blockchain nodes - a connection point where information can be created, received or transmitted?

What if-- the data is compressed and all we see (thru the aid of Light) is the resulting 2D pictograph - yet also like blockchain, the root hash will remain - therefore storing the entire transmission?

What if-- some pictographs (formations) are from the past and because of time dilation there's a delay in receipt. Could that explain why ones from 2022 referenced ASCII, a coding language from 32 years in the past?

There are a lot of WHAT IFS ... but if we seek out the answers to these questions, we can be more prepared for a multi-dimensional existence with other beings or levels of consciousness.

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