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Electric Network


December 2022

Visualizing the Electric Network of Mind

This drawing is an expression of how I see the Electric Network of Mind.

I envision it to be a web-like, or lattice-style design with a twisting spiral of energy, but also like a gear or device shifting & rotating as we saw in the first-ever transforming Crop Circle that manifested in the 2022 season.

Music (frequency, vibration and diatonic ratios) has a deep connection to crop circle manifestation and has shown this for many years in the designs.

I believe that the sound connection refers to how information 'travels' through the Electric Network of Mind - it is all about transmission through frequency.

Researching the Love and Om crop circles reinforced this concept and brought to light how crop circles may be 2D pictograms of 3D or 4D shapes conveying information in the form of blueprints.

Related projects include: Love Formation, Om Formation and Healing Frequency and the Electro Unity Collection

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