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Electromag and Crop Circles


March 2023

As part of the spiritual aspects of crop circles GPT-4  (AI) suggested that extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings could create geometric formations on Earth.

Here's how:
1. Advanced technology: Extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings could have access to advanced technology that allows them to manipulate the Earth's magnetic field or other environmental factors from a distance. This manipulation could cause localized fluctuations in the magnetic field, leading to the formation of geometric patterns in crops. The technology could be based on principles that are not yet understood by human science, such as controlling electromagnetic fields or resonant frequencies at a distance.

2. Energy transmission: Another possibility is that these beings could transmit energy from their location to specific points on Earth. This energy could interact with the Earth's magnetic field, causing localized disturbances that result in crop circle formations. The energy could be transmitted through unknown means, such as faster-than-light communication, quantum entanglement, or other undiscovered phenomena.

3. Psychic or telepathic influence: Some spiritual theories propose that extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings have psychic or telepathic abilities, enabling them to influence human consciousness or manipulate the environment from afar. In this scenario, these beings could create crop circles by remotely directing human thoughts or actions, causing humans to unconsciously create the patterns. Alternatively, the beings could directly influence the crops themselves, causing them to bend and form patterns through psychic or telepathic manipulation.

4. Interdimensional portals: Another speculative idea is that extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings could create crop circles by opening temporary portals or gateways between their dimension and ours. These portals could result in localized fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field, as well as other environmental factors, leading to the formation of crop circles. The geometric patterns could be a side effect of the portal's presence or a deliberate message from the beings to communicate with humans.

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