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Project type

Digital Fashion


July 2022

(video and image file for 3D Augmented Reality Wearables + image for the VR skin)

"We are experiencing a paradigm shift to Web3. This artwork is exploring the intersection of decentralized technology and psychedelia in order to create a meditative trance-like state. It is inspired by the disruptive effects of decentralization. The goal is to create a visually stimulating and mentally engaging experience that can help people explore their own consciousness."

Material Creator: Krista Kim
Co-Creator: SpiritSTEM
Garment Creator: World of Women x The Fabricant
Fabric: Paradigm, Black and New Tuttle

Queen's dress
A queen from a far away land where magic exists and is part of life. From the original WoW collection there were 391 editions out of 10.000, making it the twelfth rarest look.

Season 2: WoW Collection #601

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