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The Transmitter on a Surveyor
Creator: Kamala Atak

"In the last years of the empire, Lamechian scientists become increasingly preoccupied with the idea that, given Rhionite’s extraterrestrial origins, there must be life on other planets. They began to tinker with Rhionite’s most interesting property: its ability to send concentrated thought in message form across long distances.

The result of their experimentation was The Transmitter. Soon after the fabrication of the first model, Sound Manipulators began sending thoughts with it. The atmosphere was violently affected, and the consequences were immediate and devastating.

Massive amounts of water evaporated, and continuous rain started around the world, flooding and drowning humans and animals alike.

Until recently we have only had the flood myths of this disaster. But perhaps the greatest civilization in human history destroyed itself through curiosity about the stars and a technology it couldn’t hope to control."

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