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On the 8th day - of the 8th month - of year 2008, we got a figure 8 (infinity) crop circle at Milk Hill ( another hill )

This was also during the Lion's Gate Portal -- an annual astrological event when a portal “opens” in the sky. It's said to be when the Sun is in Leo and Sirius aligns with Orion's Belt - interesting!

(above image by Steve Alexander / Temporary Temples co uk)

(above image by Steve Alexander / Temporary Temples co uk)

I count 53 circles in total and 44 flames (a bit hard to see but if each circle is flanked by flames, then it's 44). Both reduce to 8.

Food for thought -- another hill and not just any hill, Milk Hill. Home to some of the best crop circles of all time. What makes this location so popular? I think it's the power within the hill.

For context, the 'potential power' within these various hills is part of a current theory of mine on authentic crop circle manifestation -- are the hills and mounds of Southern England actually wormholes?

(above image by Steve Alexander / Temporary Temples co uk)

I chose this 600 foot infinity/8 crop circle to share on Twitter (3-27-24) and then shared it the following day on Instagram (3-28-24). I was going through the 2008 season and this one just jumped out. I've seen it many times, it's a favorite, but I had no specific plans to share it other than it being one of the best of that year.

Later it was pointed out that on the same day as the upcoming solar eclipse, April 8th, CERN will be re-starting/testing their particle accelerator.

To add to that, NASA will be firing three rockets on the same day of the solar eclipse.

Later it was said by CERN on Twitter/X that they actually started up sooner than that and there wasn't a connection to the eclipse, nevertheless, reality seems stranger than fiction...


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