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Dealing with Change

Over the past couple of years we have completely transformed as a global society and everything around us has as well. Technology is moving at a pace few can keep up with. Old traditions, systems and values are dissolving - or evolving right in front of our eyes. 

We’re faced with issues on a primal level of the same kind we’ve always had, because there’s nothing new under the sun

In the 21st century of our existence we still haven’t learned how to cohabitate with our fellow human beings, feed & shelter everyone in the world, eradicate disease, implement clean energy wide-scale, or improve our agricultural practices. 

Additionally we’re at a technological crossroads that most are unaware of, because they have other issues to deal with. Still, it’s like walking around a ghost town at sunset - knowing something is about to pop off, but not sure what or when.

It’s not to present the ‘Age of AI’ as bad or dangerous, but there is a level of ‘no one knows what’s to come’ and ‘how we will manage it’, or ‘who will be in charge of it all’? It’s the greatest change headed right at us, with absolutely no agreed upon plan-of-action in sight. 

What’s coming next: 

In the short term we’re about to integrate real-time visual and verbal assistance, powered by artificial intelligence to the highest level of sophistication we’ve ever publicly had - and it will be fully accessible within our phones and laptops. OpenAI will kick this off, but other companies will try to follow. 

It’s impossible to fathom how this will change the way we interact with our technological devices as well as our fellow human beings once it’s been mass adopted. 

Even more impossible to determine how sophisticated AI assistants will long term affect employment, schooling, and anything else that starts to put the human out of work, because of cost savings and accuracy.

What can we do to make it easier:

The best thing we can do to ease through this leap is enhance our digital literacy. Digital literacy is no longer about ‘can you use a computer’ and ‘do you know how to make the most out of certain applications’.

We’re in digital literacy 3.0 now

  • we know how to navigate personal and business websites (1.0)

  • we know how to navigate social media & the art of personal platforms (2.0)

  • now we need to know how to navigate personal AI assistants and AI tools (3.0) - and as a bonus we need to know blockchain technology and the potential of a decentralized internet. 

Digital literacy and preserving human legacy:

I’ve been working with these technologies for a long time in AI or web3 years and have been fortunate to learn from pioneers and from having the time to explore.

It's a bit of a misnomer that AI is automatically an expert on everything. In many ways LLMs have already surpassed the average human in intelligence and overall knowledge base, but on the other, their information is limited to what they've been trained on and how that evolves over time.

One of the most important things we should be doing as we integrate our entire lives with advanced technology is to make sure its been trained on the things that we value most — our character, our great achievements, our tremendous human feats and our shared legacies. 

This is necessary on a personal level and on a societal scale to ensure the continuity of our human story. 

Think about how many languages go out of use and are forgotten each year. Or the way things permanently changed when we replaced books as our primary tool for research with ‘internet searching’ - now being replaced by 'asking AI’.

How much information will be lost if we don’t specifically train AI on it? Particularly the more obscure texts like old esoteric books and alchemical teachings.

Or what about fringe ideas of ancient advanced technology, architectural accomplishments, tales of the epochs of the past? Those are sure to be lost if we don’t include them in our prompts and conversations with AI. 

But first things first - everyone needs to know how to use AI tools on a basic level.


Everyone should know how to use them on a medium to advanced level if they want to free up time in their life and widely expand their creativity.

I’ll do my best to help by providing free tools for new digital literacy while working with artificial intelligence(s) to preserve the human legacy.

Current efforts include training my custom GPTs to really know the work when it comes to the great legends who inspired me and my community in the genres of spirituality and STEM.

Training includes introducing, reaffirming, correcting, and adding to, or giving insight on their major works, art, theories and philosophy. As well as training on broad topics like crop circles (of course) and many fringe theories on ancient tech, archeology and science & spirit.

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