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Rebirth of Clean Energy (Transportation)

It's almost hard to believe we once had (lighter than air) global transportation in the form of Zeppelins, Dirigibles and Airships, but we did! And they are making a comeback after 90+ years.

Airships use Archimedes' Principle (or force) to lift themselves. Their energy consumption is far less than an airplane or helicopter. Anytime something can be monetized and commodified in powerful ways, it will be - thus (heavier than air) fuel hogs became the norm.

Surprisingly, the great spire on the Empire State Building in NYC was originally planned as a Mooring Mast for airships to dock. Pretty sci-fi by today's standards. After that failed to happen it was converted into what it is now.

This illustration is said to come from a Popular Mechanics 1931 edition.

This illustrations is from the same edition of Popular Mechanics.

The photo/illustration below looks to be an early rendition of Photoshop - not real (and/or edited) for marketing use. At the time there were several marketing photos created to get public support and interest for this form of travel.

This image below is known to be an early version of a Photoshop technique and was created for marketing purposes.

Complications led Zepellins (haha see what I did there) and airships to fall out of favor & the entire concept was decommissioned after the Hindenburg explosion - which of course is full of theories about why and how.

Main point to consider is that Hydrogen was a dangerous and was replaced by the safer helium, however at the expense of time. Helium crafts take much longer to cover large distances.

Interestingly, not only is the airship having a rebirth in aerospace engineering, but it's also being reborn conceptually into the collective consciousness.

I've seen more Zeppelin references in the last two weeks than ever before.

Part of me knows it is the social media algorithms showing me every iteration of it, but I also believe something more is awakening. We are in transformation. As part of this global transformation, interest in sustainable development & renewable energies will only grow. We know it may never be 'FREE' per se, but it needs to be CLEAN.

Side note: I've been talking about Ohms for over a year since the 2022 Om crop circle arrived with its connections to Ohms as in impedance, resistance and electrical circuits.

This theme showed up again in the last few weeks before Zeppelins and airships were even in my thoughts. It so happens that electrical circuits have a large role in aerospace engineering-- Perhaps all that Om/Ohm talk I've been doing is connected in deeper ways...


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