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In the Vedic texts as it relates to the details of the Vimanas ('flying machines'), Mica, Quicksilver and Mercury have been translated as part of the fuel mixture, but some metals and alloys have not been identified yet.

One particular liquid is referred to as "honey" and described as having a 'viscosity like a bees nectar'.

Could this liquid be the unusual, highly reactive element Cesium? It's already been used as propellant, along with Mercury in early ion engines designed for spacecraft propulsion for long inter/extra planetary missions.

Ancient flight has been detailed in many sacred writings - check out my video explaining the connection between flying machines, the sacred texts and a very mysterious liquid that might be cesium, atomic number 55.

The Vaimanika Shastra talks about how Vimamas could traverse the oceans and the atmosphere at great speeds. It contains detailed drawings of the Vimanas that look similar to pyramid style temples.

The Mahabharata has been translated to say that these machines were actually 'anti-gravitic' vehicles with electromagnetic properties.

Others writings include the Rigveda (hymns to the Gods), the Yujurveda, the Ramayana & Bhagavata Purvana and classical Indian literature.

There's also Ezekiel's vision of the divine flying chariot, the 'helicopter' & 'airplane' hieroglyphs found in the Temple of Seti I in Egypt and in Sitchin's accounts of the Nefilim- People of the Fiery Rockets.

If this was all just a myth, then why did so many cultures around the world share it?


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