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"At such times a certain form becomes activated within the contemporary mind, the image of a celestial city. Sightings of the aerial New Jerusalem, as described by St. John the Divine in Revelation at the beginning of the Christian era, have been reported on many subsequent occasions, often at moments of millenarian excitement."

"... the Traditional interpretation of such visions is that they presage the coming of a new dispensation that will reproduce on earth the harmonious order of the heavens."

- John Michell, The Dimensions of Paradise

This phenomenon of our collective consciousness is something I almost anticipate happening.

Chaotic, yet elevating times like we're in, create the conditions in which the celestial city can manifest.

And if it does -- it marks the beginning of the New Earth ~ a time of harmonious existence ~

Heaven on Earth.

'The Heavenly City as Eternal Standard'

In addition to that interpretation of the New Jerusalem, there are others:

The New Jerusalem Holy Diagram shown above and below is said to be the geometric blueprint for many sacred sites in Southern England.

It's based on cosmic measurement and also relates to Plato's Magnesia, a city of geometric order and harmony, which keeps morale and consciousness high.

The key number of the New Jerusalem Holy Diagram is 3168.

The Greek gematria for Lord Jesus Christ is also 3168. Gematria is an ancient method of assigning numerical values to letters and words. It's used primarily with Greek and Hebrew languages.

This is a very important number in the sacred sites of England, even Stonehenge incudes it in its measurements as does one of the most iconic crop circles of all time, the Barbury Castle Tetrahedron.

Another interpretation of the New Jerusalem takes us back to Southern England, right to the sacred sites where crop circles often appear.

It's been channeled many years ago that 'Britain' is the center or naval of a Great Pyramid of Light that encompasses Earth. This area will be turned on so-to-speak in the days of the coming of the New Earth. This activation is referred to as the New Jerusalem.

It's connected to the manifestation of crop circles on that same land -- the point being to inject light and stabilize the forces -- lining them up with the entire cosmic web for the appropriate time -- which I believe starts NOW.

Interesting that during the 2012 crop circle season, which referenced the Mayan Calendar end date, 'The Cathedral' crop circle appeared -- a majestic design that went through 3 iterations (!!) before it was transformed into its final version.

Below was its first, which to me looks like a temple, or perhaps the New Jerusalem depicted as the heavenly city.

above image on the left by Steve Alexander / Temporary Temples co uk


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