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Can we really have light without time and time without light? Is the answer in the name?

Anagram & mirror of Time is Emit. Is it possible that photons, as the carriers of the electromagnetic force  (one of the four fundamental forces of nature) -- 'carry' Time as well?

The ideas of quantum entanglement (a phenomenon in which two photons become 'entangled' so that the state of one is correlated with the state of the other, even if they're separated), may as well be a time entanglement.

Photons have zero mass and they move at the speed of light  in a vacuum. Does that relate to the sensation we get of Time flying?

The photon is fundamental to quantum physics & we know the brain is like a quantum system. Is it not capable of superposition? (being in two places at once).

It's like the dream realm where time slows or speeds-- what if time, being connected to the photon, has electromagnetic properties that can carry us into other dimensions? It all sounds far out, but as it's said-- reality is often stranger than science fiction.

Kinda right or totally wrong, these are the types of questions we need to be asking & exploring collectively to help accelerate our current physics.

(crop circle image bottom left by Artois Drones, other images as noted within)


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