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Note from the Founder

Hello! I am Melissa Victoria, creator of SpiritSTEM.  

SpiritSTEM began as a way for me to better understand the universe and my place in it by combining perspectives of Spirituality and STEM

I learned about crop circles early on in my journey and have continued to uphold their mysterious legacy. I focus on their connection to light, sound, electromagnetism, water and how it relates to the land they manifest on. I study their geometry and ratios to learn how these attributes could create innovative solutions for clean energy & vibrational healing. I've encapsulated that effort into research projects minted on the blockchain and the creation of two custom GPTs trained on crop circle data - one of which ideates clean energy solutions.


I love exploring the digital world and see immense potential in blockchain, the metaverse, and web3. These technologies are portals into new ways of experiencing, understanding, and interacting with the universe around us.

I collaborate with artificial intelligence and believe in the transformative potential it has when used for good. I envision AI as an ally in productivity and creative output.

Above all, I’m a big believer in the power of community!


I know we can work together and harness our diverse skills to create a better existence.

Through SpiritSTEM I hope to contribute to the rise in consciousness and build a future where spirituality and science can harmoniously merge.


SpiritSTEM Web3 and AI Work

Web3 is the evolution of the internet, backed by blockchain technology. It focuses on decentralization, proof of ownership and digital currency.

AI (artificial intelligence) can be looked at as a creative partner and as a powerful tool to enhance our lives so that we can work smarter, not harder.

Bliss Marcelo Pineal.gif


Collecting from and connecting with web3 projects, supporting digital art, educational goals and community outreach.


OpenAI - ChatGPT

Ongoing exploration with OpenAI's ChatGPT models. ChatGPT can make images, complex text outputs, web browse, create code and provide analytics.

MuSE Collection Cover.GIF


Deploying contracts and minting assets on blockchains to verify proof of creation and ownership of SpiritSTEM research and art. 

SS Logo named.GIF


Creator of three custom GPTs powered by OpenAI: ELeven11 (numerology +), EnlightenEd (science and spirituality), MuSE (clean energy solutions). 

3D wearables.GIF


Co-creator of 3D digital wearables with high profile brands and artists, including: World of Women, The Fabricant, Krista Kim, Anna Dart and Renata Rakossy.


AI Images and Videos

Ongoing exploration with image and video generating tools. Midjourney is my top pick for images & I use several video tools.

Video Gallery

Visit @spiritstem on YouTube and Instagram for more

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