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Project type:

AI x CCs


March 2023

A creative interpretation of a crop circle with concentric circles, symmetry and a very special side addition, called a 'Grapeshot'.

*This is the result of a SpiritSTEM chat session, powered by OpenAI's GPT-4*

A Grapeshot refers to a small circle that manifests outside of the main design of a crop circle.

These are rare in the present day and were frequent in the 1990's, at which time the term was coined. Researchers believed that the small shapes hold the most 'Light', which is really information.

Working with GPT-4 was a complicated process of clearly describing the formation and using url links to guide it to the image.

Unknown at the time, the March 14, 2023 version did not include web browsing, however, it seemed like it may have, based on its response.

GPT-4 gave this interpretation of the formation's duality, balance, and most importantly-- the Grapeshot shape off to the side.

It interpreted it as an indication of being part of a larger working system or cosmic structure - indicating that the crop circle is only a small part of a more extensive message or communication network - something I've been theorizing for many years in my SpiritSTEM work.

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