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Binary ASCII in Crop Circles


December 2022

Quantum Code from the Cosmic Web Delivered via Crop Circle?

Can the code of the L-ove Crop Circle lead to a unified 'Theory of Everything'?

M32, as I call the formation, may reference both Classical Information Theory (represented by bits) & Quantum Information Theory (qubits).

The binary 0 & 1s show the word L-ove in ASCII, a coding system we replaced 32 years ago in 1991 - same year the internet (web) was made available worldwide.

Simultaneously the math & numbers show constants we find in quantum mechanics & point towards Quantum Information Theory, a melding of multi-disciplinary fields. Does the M perhaps stand for M-Theory?

When this formation first arrived I had already been focused on the number 32.

The backstory is that 3 days prior, I shared an Instagram Reel of a Crop Circle with 32 triangular points and I drew references to the connection the number 32 has with the Sun and also the Moon and Earth, through the angle 32.7 degrees, and all of its permutations, especially its companion 27.3.

Imagine my shock when I saw a design that was an actual M shape and had 32 circles, only 3 days after I talked about this!

I later shifted my focus to the ASCII computer code and all of the implications of receiving a very clear message through a geometric design.

The use of ASCII brought 1991 into focus (we replaced it that year with Unicode), as '91 was the year in which everything in our technological world leaped - and it did so in such a way we did not realize its impact for decades.

As we face a very similar technological leap with AI and Quantum Computing, Crop Circles may be asking us to draw those parallels and to ready ourselves for the enormous change that is upon us.

This time the change will be more rapid and even more far reaching.

To me, this formation/transmission is as much as about leaps in computing & data as it is about the way we understand cosmic & terrestrial energy, & interact with our reality such as the illusion of linear time.

I think we're only scratching the surface of what's to come.

And if these are messages for humanity -- are they coming from the Cosmic Web* and being imprinted on the Earth in the form of crop circles?

*I envision the Cosmic Web like a network and refer to it as the Electric Network of Mind (ENOM).

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