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Crop Circles

Spiritual Aspects


March 2023

What Creates Crop Circles? - SPIRIT

Crop Circles are very connected to the spirit and that goes without any religious specification. It's the SPIRIT of all that is and ever was.

I theorize that Crop Circles are messages from the cosmic network. What we see are 2D pictograms of 3D / 4D geometric shapes of thought and consciousness that are received through an electromagnetic network via frequency.

These messages may be blueprints that contain healing frequencies or codes for our planet, ourselves and all of nature.

Decoding them will allow us to understand new methods of harnessing clean energy and how to live harmoniously - with Sacred Engineering integrated into all construction and geographic placement.

I refer to the great transmission network of messages as the Electric Network of Mind (ENOM) and propose that it functions like a blockchain network.
(see the ENOM project for more)

Crop circles could also be a manifestation of Earth's energy or consciousness.

They could be a form of extraterrestrial and interdimensional communication.

They might even be created through the collective human consciousness.

There is no single answer to their manifestation or a right or wrong one here - except, as I say, categorizing all as man-made.

Overall, their presence is really about what personally resonates with you.

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