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Crop Circles

Unifying Concepts


March 2023

What Creates Crop Circles? - BOTH SCIENCE and SPIRIT

Crop circles have captivated our imagination for over 40 recorded years.

Throughout my research it's been clear to me that the manifestation of Crop Circles is both a scientific and mystic process. Both are involved equally.

If there were ever a connector of the two, it is electromagnetism.

The electromagnetic aspect of crop circles could potentially bridge the gap between scientific and spiritual theories.

The Earth's magnetic field, which is influenced by cosmic and terrestrial energies, might act as a conduit for interdimensional communication or Earth's self-regulating consciousness.

I have proposed that crop circles appear at specific points on Earth's magnetic grid, mirroring the cosmic mind's nodal points, which function like a blockchain network.

These 2D projections of compressed data from other dimensions could map energetic markers on Earth, revealing communication pathways with extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings.

By exploring electromagnetism, Earth's magnetic field, and cosmic connections, we might uncover the secrets of these fascinating formations and decipher the messages they hold.

As we delve deeper into the mystery of crop circles, we will discover there is a harmonious unity in scientific and spiritual perspectives.

This is the prelude to 'Electro Unity' a collaborative project between SpiritSTEM and OpenAI's ChatGPT-4 that will be published in succession.

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