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Geometric Inspiration

Crop circle as geometric inspiration for energy harnessing system


March 2023

On July 17th, 2022 a hexagonal-shaped crop circle with 96 triangles within the design appeared in the fields at Barbury Castle in Southern England.

This is a place of sacred energy and home to one of the most well-known crop circles of our time, the 'Barbury Castle Tetrahedron' of 1991.

The following day, July 18th, we became aware that a remarkable transformation of the design had taken place overnight!

Never before had a crop circle changed its design, particularly in an era where drone photography makes it possible to see the phenomenon in near real-time.

Let’s explore the geometry of this incredible design.

1. Hexagonal shape: A regular hexagon has six equal sides and six equal angles, each measuring 120 degrees.

2. Outer circle: A circle circumscribing the hexagon.

3. Inner hexagon: A smaller hexagon in the center.

4. Divided into 12 parts: The entire shape can be divided into 12 equal sectors, similar to the hours on a clock face.

5. 96 right triangles: The structure consists of 96 right-angled triangles, 48 of which are flattened crop and 48 are standing crop.

Using the Barbury Transforming Hexagon as inspiration for design, we’ve ideated a prototype 3D model of a machine representing this shape and its transformation.

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