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Steps Involved

Steps/electromagnetism/cosmic and terrestrial


March 2023


An outline of the steps involved in the process of a machine harnessing energy, the role of electromagnetism, as well as other terrestrial and celestial elements that may contribute.

1. Positioning: First, the machine must be strategically positioned to take advantage of Earth's magnetic field. Areas with higher magnetic field strength, such as the polar regions, would be ideal for maximizing the energy-harvesting potential.

2. Induction: The machine's arms and triangular platforms could be equipped with conductive coils (made of copper or another conductive material) that are capable of generating electric current when exposed to a changing magnetic field. This process, known as electromagnetic induction, is governed by Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction.

3. Earth's magnetic field fluctuations: The Earth's magnetic field is not static; it fluctuates due to various factors, such as solar activity (e.g., solar flares and coronal mass ejections), interactions with charged particles from the solar wind, and even geological processes within the Earth's core. These fluctuations can induce an electromotive force (EMF) in the conductive coils when they experience a change in the magnetic field.

4. Rotation and transformation: The machine's rotation and transformation features could be employed to modulate the exposure of the conductive coils to the Earth's magnetic field. By changing the orientation and position of the coils, the machine could optimize the induced EMF and, consequently, the generated electric current.

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