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Size and Dimensions

Best size and dimensions for a working machine


March 2023


To determine the best size and dimensions for a working machine based on this interpretation, we'll need to consider factors such as the strength of Earth's magnetic field, the efficiency of the conductive coils, the size of the energy storage devices, and the practical constraints of building and deploying the machine.

Given that the Earth's magnetic field strength is relatively weak (25 to 65 µT), it's crucial to maximize the surface area and the number of conductive coils in the machine to optimize energy harvesting. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for the size and dimensions of the machine:

1. Central cylindrical column: Choose a diameter of approximately 1 to 2 meters for the central column. This size should be sufficient to house the motor, gear system, energy storage devices, and power electronics systems while also providing structural support for the machine.

2. Arms: Each arm could have a length of around 4 to 6 meters, depending on the desired overall size of the machine. This would result in a total diameter of 8 to 12 meters for the outer hexagon, increasing the surface area exposed to the Earth's magnetic field.

3. Triangular platforms: To maximize the number of conductive coils and the efficiency of the energy-harvesting process, consider making the triangular platforms as large as possible without compromising the structural integrity and mobility of the machine. For a machine with arms measuring 4 to 6 meters, you could design triangular platforms with base lengths of 2 to 3 meters.

4. Conductive coils: The size and number of conductive coils should be optimized to maximize the EMF induced by the Earth's magnetic field fluctuations. Depending on the size of the triangular platforms, you could arrange multiple coils on each platform, ensuring they cover as much surface area as possible.

Keep in mind that these dimensions are only suggestions and can be adjusted based on the specific requirements, constraints, and goals of the project.

Building and deploying a machine of this size would also require careful consideration of factors like material selection, structural stability, transportation, and maintenance.

(Note: All photos are artistic renderings for visual purposes only)

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