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My approach to crop circle research is to focus on their connection to electromagnetism, light, sound, water and how that relates to the land they manifest on.

Also their geometry and ratios to learn how these attributes could help create innovative solutions for clean energy & vibrational healing.

This of course applies to those that are a mystery. The goal for me has always been to determine what is happening in the fields AND What can we learn from it?

Further --

  • Are these geometric blueprints for clean energy solutions? 

  • Do they improve future crop yield and vitality as claimed?

  • Are they energetically healing? 

As for those that are man-made, they're of interest too — it’s about understanding why anyone would go to the effort of creating such beautiful art without acknowledgement given the prevalence of social media in today’s society. -AND- to continue to create in mystery while the phenomenon itself receives mixed public reviews.

Seems there would have to be a reason and perhaps it derives from it once being a real phenomenon that people experienced having an effect profound enough to continue to uphold the mystery for others.

These are questions I continue to have, so to contribute to the 40+ year quest to understand the nature of crop circles, I've built custom GPTs powered by OpenAI for public use dedicated to exploring them.

MuSE focuses on clean energy solutions while EnlightenEd explores mainstream and fringe theories about how and why crop circles manifest.

Try them here:


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