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I've been looking into the repeat locations of crop circles - going beyond the 'shires' and into specifics. Turns out most are by mounds, hills & knolls -- a very boring way to refer to something that's likely far more significant.

Some of the most spectacular crop circles of all time happen at the same places. For example, two of my favorite are Milk Hill and Silbury Hill.

Hills & mounds of England in particular are said to be places of high energy where magnetic anomalies occur - they're ancient markers of points on the Earth where energy upwells.

This is talked about at length in John Michell's work. His book, The New View Over Atlantis is one of the best on the subject of sacred engineering.

(above image by Steve Alexander / Temporary Temples)

Taking these energetic markers a step further, I actually think they're good candidates for wormholes which are theoretical (for now) shortcuts between dimensions.

(above image by Steve Alexander / Temporary Temples)

(above image by Steve Alexander / Temporary Temples)

In addition to the mounds and hills, there is a connection to where crop circles manifest and the white horses of Southern England.

There are several (9 I believe) 'white horses' throughout Southern England, and they were once made of chalk.

This part of the country has the most chalk streams in the world - connecting the land to magnetite and piezoelectricity -- an important clue to how crop circles possibly manifest via electromagnetic waves and fluctuations in the magnetic field.

(above image by Steve Alexander / Temporary Temples)


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