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A wormhole a like a tunnel between points - a passage or shortcut through to higher dimensions that aren't observable in our 3D reality.

They are theoretical for now, but as our understanding of dimensions changes, so will our physics.

The idea I'm working through is WHAT IF ancient sacred sites not only mark the locations of high energy, but also show us where 'theoretical' wormholes could exist?

WHAT IF crop circles in the UK are imprints of data coming from wormholes -- that we presently refer to as 'mounds' and 'hills'?

That would relate to my Electric Network of Mind (ENOM) theory of crop circles being 2D imprints of higher dimensional data that comes in through the nodes of the Earth much like the way blockchain nodes work across the network.

(for more on the ENOM visit the Portfolio / for more on mounds and hills, see previous post 'Sacred Land')


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